House of


This custom retreat home nestled in the mountain side boasts a full kitchen with a separate dining room, fully stocked library with a beautiful fireplace, spiritual direction room/atrium, outdoor grill, two massive decks, and a gorgeous living room with wood-burning stove.

8 bedrooms and 6 baths. Perfect for larger group retreats, the HOC can comfortably hold 16 people and 18 maximum. Please note: all (18) beds are extra long pillow top single beds. Food service option available.

House of Community


  • 8 Bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms
  • Coffee and tea service in all rooms
  • Extra long pillow top beds
  • Full service kitchen with outdoor grill
  • Decks on four levels with furniture
  • Deluxe furnishings in every room
  • Large meeting areas
  • Hiking trails and benches scattered along 16 acres
  • Breathtaking mountain views
  • Library with fireplace
  • Linens and towels provided

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